what are the eco-friendly materials used in the construction of the houseboats in kumarakom

The construction of houseboats in Kumarakom involves the use of eco-friendly materials to ensure sustainability and minimize environmental impact. These materials typically include Anjhili, Bamboo, Coir, Fiberglass, and Marine-grade plywood. Anjhili, also known as Arotocarpus, is used for its durability and strength in building the hull of the houseboat. Bamboo, another common material, is eco-friendly and contributes to the structural integrity of the boat. Coir, derived from coconut fiber, is utilized for various purposes like ropes and mats, adding to the eco-friendly nature of the construction. Fiberglass is employed for specific components, providing strength and resilience. Additionally, marine-grade plywood is used in the construction process, meeting quality standards while ensuring the eco-friendly aspect of the houseboat construction in Kumarakom